If you have skunks living on your property, you are likely worried about spending time outdoors because of the possibility of being sprayed by one of these animals. If you wish for the skunks to vacate, perform the following steps in an attempt at their successful exit.

Find Out Where Skunks Spend Most Of Their Time

It is important to know where the skunks are keeping themselves harbored when sleeping so you have an idea about the extent of work you need to conduct to eliminate them effectively. When you notice a skunk on your land, take the time to observe its behavior in detail. Watch to see if it lurks in a particular area that may be used for its sleeping quarters, such as under your porch, near foliage such as under bushes or in an old tree, or inside or under a structure like a detached garage or shed. This will allow you to devise a plan to either trap or scare the skunks from this area.

Use Tactics To Get Skunks To Vacate On Their Own

Skunks will not stay in areas where they are unable to find food or water. Make it difficult for skunks to keep eating or drinking upon your property. They will then move on to another area. Keep garbage cans in your garage or shed until pickup day and make sure lids are tightly secured to the cans. If possible, wait to fill the cans until right before your pickup is scheduled. If you feed animals outdoors, take up their dishes right after their meals come to an end. Avoid having standing water anywhere on your property. Dump water from birdbaths, old tires, and containers regularly. Keep birdfeeders empty and refrain from feeding wildlife altogether.

Contact A Service To Trap And Relocate Skunks

If skunks do not seem to be leaving your property, calling upon a wildlife removal service is an option to consider. Workers will come to your home to check over your property in detail for signs of the presence of skunks. When they determine the areas where skunks are living, they will set up traps in appropriate areas to attempt to capture the animals without hurting them in any way in the process. Any skunks that go into a caged trap will then be relocated to an area where they will have the necessary elements around to keep them fed, hydrated, and comfortable. 

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