Few things can make your heart stop like finding ants in your home. You may imagine spending the next couple of months trying to spray and trap them as they creep inside your food bags and through your kitchen. Ants are certainly annoying. But sending them marching won't be as hard as you think if you follow these pest control tips.

Deep Clean

When people see ants, they often do some tidying up. They vacuum and wipe down counters. These measures are important, but they are not enough. Ants only need a small amount of food, so you really need to be thorough in your cleaning if you want to get rid of them. Pull everything out of your pantry, and vacuum up any crumbs on the backs of shelves. Use your vacuum's wand attachment to suck crumbs up from along your baseboards. Pull the cushion off the couch, and clean inside there. This may sound like a lot, but if you do it all at the first sign of ants, you may put an end to their food source before too many more ants discover it.

Put Out Baits

Set down that bottle of ant spray. Not only is it hard to apply without exposing yourself to potentially dangerous insecticides, but it isn't as effective as ant baits. The spray only kills ants who happen to walk across it. A bat will kill the ants that find it, but also any other ants they share the bait with. Ants are sharing creatures, so even if only a few ants find the bait, they will take it back to their colony where it will kill a bunch of their friends. You can buy enclosed ant baits at most hardware stores. Set a few of them out in discrete places, such as along the backs of counters and pantry shelves.

Keep Things Dry

Finally, do your best to eliminate sources of water for their ants. Most species of ants prefer to be in moist places. Turn your dehumidifier down to keep your home's air a bit dryer. Wipe the water out of sinks and tubs after you use them. If you have a moist basement, make sure your sump pump is working. 

If you get rid of their food and water sources and set out some baits, you can often get rid of ants within weeks. If they continue to bother you, call a pest control company nearby.

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