If you end up with mice in your home every winter, it may be because they know they can find food and refuge in your home. It may be something they have been doing for quite some time, and it's only recently that you've noticed their presence. You need to make repairs to your home to prevent them from being able to get inside during the cold-weather months. There may also be something that is attracting them to your home, and they may be present in warmer months as well. Read on for some things you can do to get rid of these pests and prevent this problem next year as well.

Clean Up Your Yard And Exterior Spaces

The mice may be coming inside after it begins to get cold outside. They may be present in warmer months in exterior buildings or in piles of garbage or landscape brush piles that you have in your yard during the warmer months. You should clean up these piles and any exterior buildings to prevent mice from being in these areas during the warmer months. Clean up your yard and exterior spaces that you have on your property to prevent these or other pest problems as well.

Keep All Food In Sealed, Air-Tight Containers

All of your food needs to be kept in air-tight containers as you attempt to get rid of the mice you have in your home. This includes other food such as pet food and all pantry food. Other food should be kept off of your counters, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Spices should also be put into air-tight containers for the time being as you attempt to get rid of the mice in your home.

Repair Leaks

A leaking water pipe or faucet could be attracting the mice to your home, as they are also in need of water and need it to survive. If you have a water leak that they find alluring, they will keep coming back, especially if they are also finding warmth and food as well. Make repairs to your plumbing problems to help prevent these pests.

Set Traps

If the mice are coming into your home every cold-weather seasons, be prepared by setting traps as soon as the cold weather begins. If you start to trap them right away, you may not end up with a major pest problem later down the road. Start setting traps in the areas where you usually see the mice and freshen the traps and baits every single day.

If you have a problem with mice every cold-weather season, it may be because fields are being cut down, or because their food sources outside have become scarce. Either way, you need to be prepared for this pest issue by making repairs to your home to prevent them from coming inside, setting traps around your home, and putting all food away to prevent feeding them. Hire a pest control company to help you with this pest issue.

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