Every homeowner dislikes rats and mice. Sadly, even the cleanest homes will often have rats running around. Remember, rodents love to seek shelter where they can find enough food and stay protected from predators. Unfortunately, rodents such as rats and mice multiply fast, and they might become a menace in your home or store. That said, you want to deal with these rodents before they multiply. 

Always check for any signs of rodents so that you can call a rodent control service in time. Here is a quick breakdown of the signs to look for.

Chew Marks

Rodents are notorious for chewing literally anything they come across. So, if you are careful enough, you might come across various chew marks around the house. You can easily find chew marks on cardboard, wood, wires, and baseboards as well. As long as there are visible chew marks, you should know that rats are around your home.


The presence of droppings is another telltale sign you have a rodent infestation in your home. Rat and mouse droppings are usually dark in color and moist when fresh. However, the droppings usually become gray and dry as they age. 

If you aren't attentive, you might fail to notice the sight of droppings. These rodents prefer defecating in hidden areas such as drawers, cupboards, and under the sinks. The highest number of droppings will always be in areas where the rodents are feeding or nesting. 

Scratching and Weird Noises

Rodent infestations cannot go unnoticed because of the noise that is always around the home. Most rodents prefer to look for food at night to avoid being noticed. Unfortunately, they make so much noise when they are hunting for food. 

You'll definitely hear them scratching walls or even gnawing on wood. Rats will also make noises when they are fighting or playing. Lastly, nursing baby rats are quite loud, but they stop making noise once they are weaned. 

Call a rodent control service provider as soon as possible if you hear squeaking noises or any unusual noises coming from your attic or other parts of your house.

Foul Odors

The presence of a foul odor around your home is a sign that you have a rodent infestation. The odor could be the smell of urine or poop. So, if you notice the smell of stale ammonia coming from hidden areas, there is a likelihood you have rodents in your home. Your pets might also start to paw at these areas because they can smell the presence of rodents.

Other signs include

  • Small holes in thin walls
  • Rodent footprints
  • Allergies
  • Odd pet behavior
  • Rotting odors

If you need help with rodent control, reach out to a pest control service, such as ProBest Pest Management.