Bats sleep all day long and then come out at night to chase and eat mosquitoes. If you have bats in your home, you may not be aware of it until night when they are flying out of your home. They may come in through an opening in your chimney or through an opening in your attic or your siding. If you have bats, the can be a nuisance and leave your home littered with feces, which can be dangerous for you to breathe. Bats may not be a bother to you, but they still need to be removed from your home. Read on for what you can do if there are bats invading your home.

Seal the Entrance

The bats are getting in somehow, and you need to find out where they are coming into your home. They will more than likely get out the same way they got in, unless there are multiple entry points for them. The best thing you can do is to go outside at dusk and watch to see where the bats are flying out of your home. You may have to watch for several days to figure this out, especially if there are a number of places where they could be getting in. Be patient and keep an eye out for these pests, then do your homework and find the entry point.

Spray for Mosquitoes

Having your yard sprayed for mosquitoes can help prevent bats from being attracted to your home in the first place. Bats will eat thousands of mosquitoes, which makes them a good pest, but one that you don't necessarily want in your home. Have your yard sprayed for the mosquitoes to keep the bats at bay for the meantime.

Have the Bats Removed

You should have the bats removed from your home if you aren't able to find their entrance point or you aren't able to get rid of the bats on your own. You should hire an exterminator in your area to have the bats found in your home and removed properly and relocated elsewhere. 

Bats are a good pest to have around, as they eat a lot of mosquitoes. They aren't the best pest to have in your home though. These pests do carry diseases like rabies and can be quite a nuisance. Their feces can be a health concern for you as well. Hire a pest control company to help you get rid of these pests to ensure it is done properly and without issue.