Mosquitoes are more than pesky; they can be potentially deadly as well. These blood-sucking insects — fun fact, only the females drink blood — can carry bloodborne diseases from one person to another, Some of these diseases include the West Nile virus and the Zika virus, both of which can be dangerous if contracted.

Mosquitoes love a standing water source in which to lay their eggs, and they don't care if they breed near residential areas. If you have a mosquito issue in your property or you live near a ditch, canal, or another relatively still water source, then you might want to consider having a mosquito misting system installed or used on your property. Here are signs you need to speak to your pest control professional about a mosquito misting system.

You have an active mosquito problem

Even if you don't live near a standing water source, you can still have an active mosquito problem year after year. This can be caused by neighboring homes or properties having mosquito problems that get passed onto your property, your use of irrigation systems or large animal troughs on your property, or just an unusually active and thriving mosquito season.

If you have a mosquito problem or you have had a problem in the past and want to keep it from being an issue this year, speak to your pest control specialist about a mosquito misting system. This is a special installation that is intended to mist outdoor areas periodically, effectively eliminating mosquitoes and other related pests.

You have a large property that is hard to manage

Keeping mosquitoes, even a smaller amount of them, under control when you have a larger property can be difficult. A mosquito misting system can be installed along a fence line away from the home and animal housing areas to spray the air so mosquitoes that can potentially become a problem are less likely to become one. A larger property can become an easy breeding ground for mosquitoes because whole areas of a yard can be left unchecked, so have peace of mind in having a mosquito misting system installed in appropriate areas.

A mosquito misting system has an average cost of $2,500, although your costs can be lower if you need just a few spray nozzles. Your pest control specialist can recommend a system for your property so you can get one that best meets your needs. If you think you need to manage your mosquito issues, see if a misting system is right for you.