If you live in an area where bats are known to live, you likely want to keep them as far away from your home's interior as possible. Bats are known to take up residence in areas that are dark and secluded, making the attic one area that needs protection. 

Check Your Home's Exterior

To aid in keeping bats from using your attic as a temporary home, block all possible entryways so they are unable to gain access to the area. This requires that you are eye level with your attic to inspect it for breaches. Because of this, many homeowners contact a professional to do an inspection of the exterior walls, windows, and roof surrounding the attic. If you are skilled at using a ladder, you can attempt the evaluation on your own. Use expandable foam, weather-stripping, and caulk to seal all areas completely. 

Invest In A Bat Box To Entice Bats To Another Area

Bat boxes are wooden structures used by these mammals for roosting. If you include a box or two in your yard, bats are apt to use them instead of your attic. Bat boxes can be found online, via pest control services, or at home goods stores. Place a box within view of your attic if you believe bats have lived in your attic in the past. It is best to keep the box out of reach of children and pets in case you do gain inhabitants. Secure each box to a tree using nails and straps. 

Inspect Your Attic On A Routine Basis

Since bats are endangered, they need to be removed by a professional if they get inside of your home; you can't use poisonous substances to kill them. If baby bats are found, they need to remain in place until they are old enough for removal. This means you need to perform inspections of your attic routinely to ensure adult bats have not come inside. Check your attic for telltale signs of a bat problem, such as droppings or a foul odor. Before you head into your attic for an evaluation, don protective clothing in case you do come into contact with any bats. If you believe there are bats present, contact a pest control service that provides attic bat control services. They use traps and special devices placed on windows that allow bats to leave the premises but stop them from coming back inside.