Have you noticed a rat in your house that you want to get rid of? If so, it's important to know your options for getting rid of it. Here are four rat control techniques you can try on your own.

Use A Cat

Sometimes the easiest solution is the simplest. A cat in your home will hunt down and kill the rats when they see them, or even frighten the rats so they stop coming back into your home. You can try borrowing a cat from a friend or family member if you do not want to make the commitment to adding one to your family, since even the smell of having a cat can scare rats away.

Use Sonar Machines

Another option is to use sonar machines sold by your local home improvement store. These devices plug into an electrical outlet and create sonar waves that rats do not like. You won't be able to hear the sounds, but the rats will. It's actually quite the humane way to get rid of them, since the sonar waves won't kill the rats.

Use Non-Kill Traps

If you are still looking for humane ways to get rid of the rats, try using traps that are designed to catch the rats and not kill them. It allows you to take the trap out of your home once it has caught a rat and release the rodent somewhere far away from your property. If you do not want to do the release of the rat, your city may offer to pick up the pest and handle it for you. They sometimes even provide the traps, allowing them to pick up the trap as well once it has caught a pest.

Rats are typically released in wildlife areas, drainage fields, or other places where homes are not located.

Use Poisons

Sometimes the best way to get rid of a rat is to poison it. The most common form of bait that you'll see is located in a plastic housing unit, which puts the poison in a place where only rats can reach it. This keeps the poison away from children and pets in your home, since they are not small enough to reach the poison on their own.

However, some rats know how to identify these traps with poison in them, and they will avoid the poison. This means you may need to experiment with different kinds of poisons until you find one that works.