If you have found proof that you have rodents targeting your garden area, then you want to make sure you take all of the appropriate steps to get rid of them. Burrows, excrement, paths, scattered fruit, trampled foliage, soil bags chewed open, and other obvious disruptions are signs of a pest problem in your garden. Once you see these things, you want to take the appropriate steps to get rid of them, and this article will help.

Secure the garden – As soon as you figure out which type of pest you are more than likely deal with, you can figure out the best plan of action for getting them to stay away. For most small rodents, you can get better control of things by keeping your compost in a plastic container that seals tightly, picking up their droppings daily, keeping all fruit and nuts picked up off the ground each day and spray a deterrent. Now, you won't want to douse your edible garden with a bunch of poisonous pesticides knowing your family is going to be eating that food. So, you want to make your own.

You can mix together some of the hottest peppers you can find in a blender with some water. Put the solution in a spray bottle and spray all of your garden. As soon as the rodents burn their mouths each time they go to eat something from the garden, they will be on their way looking for a less painful meal to steal. Be sure to wash the food with liquid dish soap and water before you eat it out of the garden, so your family doesn't burn their mouths!

Use motion-sensing technology to scare them off – You can buy many types of motion sensing products that can scare off all intruders in your garden, big and small. You can get motion activated lights that go on when triggered. These lights generally need to be triggered by something large, like a deer, so you'll have to change the setting, so it is very easily triggered. Get motion sensing sprinklers to go off and soak them when they trigger the sprinklers while trying to get in the garden. These can also be set to go off with small creatures if you set them that way. You can get garden statues that act as décor, but they also make noises when something walks in front of them. Some of these noises can scare pests away.

For more information, contact your local residential mice inspection service.