Termite infestations can become a costly endeavor. Not only can termites cause aesthetic damage to wood-based structures in your house, they can also cause structural damage, which can wind up damaging the very foundation of your home. Listed below are just a few methods for getting rid of termites.

Gutter Cleaning

Termites, like many pests, love to make their home in areas that are generally dark and moist. If your gutters are not cleaned on a regular basis, they can make for the perfect base of operations for termites. Leaves and other debris can block sunlight, and the moisture and rain that gutters catch can provide termites with the perfect damp environment for which to make their home. Although termites cannot damage your gutters themselves, they can easily make their way to areas of your home that contain wooden structures and supports from the gutters. Clean your gutters on a regular basis and make sure that they are free from leaves and other debris.

Getting Rid of Termite Food Sources

It's impossible to get rid of all the wood in your home, but it is possible to make that wood much less appealing and accessible to termites. For example, make sure that, if you have wood siding, it is not touching the ground. When your siding touches the ground, it will be much easier for termites to reach since they make their homes under the soil. If there are any potential sources of food near your home, you should also consider getting rid of the source or making sure that it is adequately covered and protected from termites. Firewood piles, for example, can provide sustenance to termites. Make sure that your firewood is covered with a tarp and tightly tied down or move the firewood further from your home.

Orange Oil Extract

Natural orange extract can be used to get rid of several types of termites, most notably drywood termites. This oil extract can be purchased from most grocery and specialty food stores. It often comes in a small vial. In order to effectively use orange oil extract against termites, you will have to place the extract inside the wood itself. Drill a small pilot hole in the offending wood structure, then drop an ample amount of orange oil extract inside. This will deter the termites' feeding schedule and usually starve the termites to death.

If these methods do not curb the appearance of termites in your home, it is highly recommended that you call on the services of a service like Kirkland's Pest Control.