The widespread return of bedbugs the United States requires constant vigilance and changing of old habits to help to minimize the chances of bringing them into your home. Although many people may believe that bedbugs will only infest bedding and other upholstered household furnishings, they are remarkably resilient, and will nest and reproduce anywhere in the home. This includes items such as bed frames, wall trim, household appliances, and any other objects that have hidden crevices. Bedbugs can enter your home In infested items that you bring into your home or on your clothing, so you must be mindful of actions that may open the door to a bedbug invasion.

What are possible sources of bedbug infestations?

  • Yard sales and flea marketsAnything that has been inside another person's home or business is a potential carrier of bed bugs or their eggs. While most individuals would not knowingly sell contaminated goods, bedbug infestations are not always readily apparent, especially if eggs are hidden in crevices. Events such as tot swaps of children's clothing and accessories are another potential source of bedbug importation into the home. If you find an item that you simply can't resist, keep it outside in a black plastic bag for a few days in bright sunshine in warm weather. Clothing can be placed in a dryer on "hot" setting if the weather is cold. . Bedbugs and their eggs can't survive sustained heat.
  • HotelsContrary to popular perception, bedbugs are not limited to lower prices hotels and motels, but can be found in lodging of all types and price ranges. You must use forethought and preparation to avoid bringing uninvited guests from a hotel room back to your home. Bring an extra set of clothing in a plastic bag and change into this clothing as you prepare to check out of the hotel room. Place all of your dirty clothes into the plastic bag before putting them into your suitcase. Upon your return home, take the bagged clothes directly to your washer and dryer, and add the clothes you wore home from the hotel. Keep the suitcases outside in the sun for a few days if possible, wrapped in black plastic bags.

These preparations sound a bit obsessive, but are minor compared to the procedures necessary to rid your home of bedbugs and their offspring.

How an exterminator can help

Before a bed bug exterminator can begin, you must bag your clothing and bedding, and possibly take furniture outdoors and wrap it in plastic, to keep bedbugs from hiding inside them as  eradication techniques are performed. The exterminator must use powerful heaters and fans to heat the inside of your home to a temperature that will kill not only the bedbugs but their unhatched eggs. This heat must permeate every crevice inside the home to be effective. You must leave the home for hours, then return to clean every contaminated crevice of bed bug droppings and deceased bugs.

Obsessive prevention doesn't sound quite so bad when you consider the alternatives of bed bug removal. Visit a pest control service like A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc for help.