It's a panicky feeling to notice the signs of a bed bug infestation in your home, whether it's a bite on your body or an actual bug in your bed. Upon seeing proof of the problem, you should take immediate steps to have the problem fixed. Your first priority is to call a licensed pest control service in your community. Virtually all pest control services deal with bed bug infestations, which means that your local professional will know exactly the right approach to take to eliminate your problem. Even if you're unsettled by the infestation, it's important that you don't panic and inadvertently complicate it. Here are some important things not to do when you're waiting for the pest control service to arrive.

Don't Start Moving Around Clothing And Bedding

If you've noticed bed bugs in your bedroom, you might feel anxious about the situation and decide to start cleaning. However, doing so can make your infestation worse. Don't remove articles of clothing, bedding, pillows or other materials from your bedroom. By doing so, you can easily spread what would otherwise be an isolated problem and you could soon be dealing with bed bugs in several rooms in your home. If you wish to strip your bed, place all your bedding in a garbage bag so that it can be cleaned later.

Don't Buy Chemicals And Try To Fix The Problem

You might feel tempted to rush out to your nearest home supply store and buy pesticides to attempt to use on the bed bugs, but doing so isn't a good idea. Not only can many pesticides be harmful to you and your family when used indoors, but the other issue is that the release of such chemicals can actually cause the bed bugs to scatter and possibly travel to other areas of your home. An added concern of taking the do-it-yourself approach is that some pest control services do not wish to treat homes that have already been "treated" by the homeowner.

Don't Make Plans To Throw Out Your Possessions

Even if they're infested, your bed, couch or other furniture items don't necessarily need to be discarded. A reputable pest control service will typically be able to remove all the bugs and eggs from these items so that you'll once again be able to use them with peace of mind. Don't hastily throw these items to the curb because doing so simply generates an unnecessary expense and you'll need to buy replacement furniture.

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