There are few things scarier than going out to your backyard and finding a snake slithering around. Unfortunately, this might be a risk if you don't take the right precautions. Here are some tips for deterring them and hopefully keeping them out for good.

Make Changes to Your Property

You can start by making some small changes to your property, which can help make it more attractive for snakes. For example, snakes are drawn to any greenery, lawn, or bushes that is overgrown since they can hide in it. Keep your lawn cut very low and trim all bushes and trees so that they never get overgrown. You should also not have gaps underneath any rocks, paving stones, or concrete in your backyard or on the sides of your yard. If you have holes or gaps underneath doors, make sure you fill those as well, as they become good hiding spots for snakes.

Use Non-Toxic Repellents

When you want to deter snakes but not harm other animals or pets that might come into your yard, you shouldn't use harsh repellents that some garden stores carry. Instead, look for commercial products that claim to be non-harming and non-toxic. For example, there is granular repellent that you can sprinkle around your yard, particularly the border around your property. This doesn't harm snakes, but they don't like the granular feel to it and it sometimes has the smell of their predators. It will hopefully keep the snakes from coming into your yard. Moth balls might also deter snakes from your yard. Open up the moth balls and combine them with cat litter, then sprinkle it around your yard.

Take Extreme Measures

If you are still having a snake problem, consider some extreme measures. For example, you can have a new fence installed around the perimeter of your property, which goes deep into the ground and doesn't have any holes in it. The slats of the fence need to be very close together to keep snakes out. Another option is to have a mesh or hardware cloth material installed in the ground. It needs to go several feet into the ground and go around the entire perimeter of your property in order to really keep snakes out. They don't like this material and won't bother with it.

When none of these methods work, it is time to call a pest control company, like Boris Pest Control. They will get rid of snakes you have and let you know of other ways to deter them in the future.