If the bat problem in your home is getting out of control, you may need more than a tennis racket to solve this dilemma. Columbia SC bat removal professionals use a variety of techniques to eliminate bats from residential homes. Confirming an Infestation: Bat professionals want to know what they're up against, whether it's a single bat that has flown in from an open door or an infestation in your attic. To confirm that bats are roosting in a building, Columbia SC bat removal professionals will look for bats flying in and out. Finding the Roosts: If the bat watch was successful, the next step is to find the roosts. Bats roost in various locations, from cellars to attics and in walls and ceilings. Professionals have the knowledge and tools to locate roosts and eliminate them safely. Professionals may set up bat house nearby to act as a temporary roost. Blocking Entryways: It's crucial to block any entryways once the bats have been removed from the home to prevent them from reentering later on. Various methods can be used to ward off bats, including adding netting around exit holes as bats are unable to fit through the tiny holes of the net. Share